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14th-Oct-2006 11:59 pm - Wow
christina aguilera
i havent written in this in forever. i should update lol. i wrote a poston my site http://goodnight-kiss.org so check it out :) Not much is going on here since i last posted on my site. I made some icons of Geri, Emma, and Victoria the past few days. Im quite proud of myself. My graphic skills are getting better despite mean people trying to bring me down. My friend Hannah said im not as horrible at it as i think i am, just underappreciated. And its true. I do feel underappreciated. oh well i still think im good no matter what anyone says* gets the tune of Beautiful in her head* "Words cant bring us down, so dont you bring me down today" Christina is so beyond amazing. I hope to see her in Kansas City on February 24th!!!!!! Thats sll for now:)
6th-Sep-2006 04:32 pm - New Pics
christina aguilera
I took some new pics yesterday and added them to my gallery. i also updated my site so check it out:) Here is a preview of the pics. visit my site for more and for the full pic:)

not much is going on today. I downloaded the album from Victoria Beckham that was supposed to be released in 2003 but never did. There hasnt been any Spice news or new music for awhile so this is nice:)
5th-Sep-2006 04:38 pm(no subject)
christina aguilera
Hey everyone:) How was everyone's holiday weekend? Mine was ok. Nothing too special. Watched RAW last night and Jeff Hardy lost his match cuz of the stupid girl Melina. Grrr i cant stand her. Im looking forward to going to RAW in Topeka on October 2nd. It ll be fun.

I updated my site and added new pics to the gallery so check it out:) http:/goodnight-kiss.org . I played some WOW today. im trying to level my main at the moment. I get some cool stuff once i hit 24. Im working on getting to 40 so i can get my mount. ok enough with being nerdy lol thats all i have to say for now so ill write more later.
4th-Sep-2006 02:10 am(no subject)
christina aguilera
ok i redid the layout. i got the coding from createblog since im way too tired to code one myself. i made the graphic though. i cant get the white table bigger so i tried removing the userpic from the entry but its not working. ill deal with it later, im way too tired lol
4th-Sep-2006 12:57 am(no subject)
christina aguilera
i never update this lol. i update everything else but this. i updated my site http://goodnight-kiss.org so check that out:) im also updating my lj since im in need of a new layout. I spent most of today playing WOW. i took a break from my main and played as my mage for awhile. Its an addicting game. Thast all for now. im off to update the layout on my lj:)
5th-Mar-2006 11:24 pm(no subject)
christina aguilera
im working on fixing my layout and updating more so bear with me:) i have a few memes to do for Friday, Saturday and Today so enjoy:)

Friday's Feast
Feast Eighty-Three

How many pillows and blankets do you sleep with? i sleep with 2 pillows to prop me up, and 2 blankets, one of which is a comforter.

What are you currently "addicted" to? my all time fave, chicken noodle soup

If you could make a small change to your current routine or schedule that would make you just a little bit happier, what would it be? cleaning up a bit more

Main Course
Which adjective do you find yourself using often? spiffy

Have you ever picked up a hitchhiker? hell no

sat-8 :: spring fever

1. have you gone on spring break before? if so, where, and if not, why? yes i have. Panama City Beach

2. do you take a spring vacation? yes

3. if you had (or have) a spring vacation, what would be your first choice to do? skiing in vermont? a week in the keys? going to theme parks in florida

4. in your home/apartment, do you do spring cleaning? yes

5. in your area, what is your weather generally like in mid-march? warm and rainy

6. spring is my favourite season ... do you share my sentiment, prefer another season? i like spring but i also like summer

7. do you do anything differently in spring than you do any other time of the year? (plant flowers/garden, take off the snow tires, etc.) i plant flowers, keep my car clean and washed.

8. what are your plans for this weekend? i dunno

Unconscious Mutterings
I say ... and you think ... ?

Upgrade:: computer
Happy ending:: fairytale
Stale:: chips
Tripping:: falling
Working:: hard
Explicit:: lyrics
Happy place:: my room
Tornado:: scary
Medication:: allergies
Muppet:: kermit
20th-Dec-2005 04:43 pm(no subject)
christina aguilera
i updated myspace so if anyone wants to view it here is the link:)

19th-Dec-2005 01:57 pm - WOW
christina aguilera
i was nomintated for member of the year on denden. i honestly didnt thin i would et nominated for anything since i didnt last year. i hope i win but i doubt somehow i will lol. so if you re on denden and know who i am please vote for me:)
12th-Nov-2005 08:56 pm(no subject)
christina aguilera
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